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FULL NAME: Neville Longbottom
FANDOM:Harry Potter
PB: Matthew Lewis
BIRTHDAY | AGE:July 30, 1980 | 31
IMMEDIATE FAMILY: Frank and Alice Longbottom (parents, mentally incapacitated and hospitalized)
Augusta Longbotton (grandmother)
Algie Longbottom (great uncle)
POWERS/ABILITIES: Neville is a fairly powerful wizard who is especially talented in herbology, charms, and deuling
WHAT POINT IN TIME DOES YOUR CHARACTER COME FROM?1 September 2011. Neville was about to begin his fifth year as Professor Herbology and Head of Gryffindor house at Hogwarts when he ends up in Ostrich Villa instead of The Great Hall

  • Kind and Loyal: Above all else, Neville is kind. He believes in the good in the world and that people who are good to others deserve that goodness back. (Though he will also turn on those who do evil things or have unjust motivations). He is extremely loyal and will always stand up for the people he is close to, even if it means putting himself in danger.
  • Brave: Neville may not be the typical sort of brave that most would expect from Gryffindor, but he is immensely brave none-the-less. He isn’t quite as short fused or outwardly courageous as his peers, but when the time comes to do what is right, Neville will be one of the first in line, no matter the consequences or how nervous it makes him.
  • Strong Hearted: Neville has a strong belief in what is right and wrong and he will do anything to make sure that good prevails in the world as much as he can.
  • Shy and Self-Deprecating: Though he is much more sure of himself than he was as a child, Neville still has moments of shyness, especially in social situations. When he is teaching, or in charge of a group he can usually rely on himself quite well, but when he is at a gathering or party, he is usually still somewhat quiet and introspective, letting the bigger personalities fill the room.
  • A good leader: Though most wouldn’t have expected it when he started at Hogwarts, Neville would grow into a competent and kind leader through his years. Mostly through his involvement in DA, he was able to learn how to strategize and command without losing his kindness. He took over DA when Harry left in their seventh year, and was so good at leading it that the Death Eaters had to threaten his grandmother and send him into hiding in or to retain their control of the school.

    Defining moments
  • Learning he was magic: Neville showed signs of his magical abilities from day one, swaddling his blankets closer around himself just hours after birth, but most of his small, personal moments of magic were missed by his family as he grew, leading them to wonder if he was actually a squib. This set Neville’s confidence back quite hard so his young hints of magic became fewer and far between. His Great Uncle Algie had taken to ‘testing’ him, by throwing him off piers and holding him out windows to see if he could scare the magic out of Neville. It was when his uncle got distracted by the offer of a meringue while holding him out an upper window and dropped him that Neville finally showed enough magic to satisfy his families worries, bouncing when he hit the ground. While this was an immense relief, Neville’s confidence still suffered greatly.
  • Being sorted into Gryffindor: Neville was one of the students in his first year whose sorting took the longest (Hermione being the only one to take longer). But, unlike most of the time when a sorting goes long, it was not because the hat could not decide where to put him, but because Neville was arguing with it. The hat was certain Neville belonged in Gryffindor and came to the conclusion fairly quickly, but Neville was intimidated by the house’s reputation and knew that if he was sorted into it, that his grandmother’s expectations for him to be like his parents would be even higher, so he fought with it. He pleaded to be put into Hufflepuff for almost five minutes before the hat stopped fighting and put him in Gryffindor anyway. It took a few years, but eventually Neville would grow in to his house, and without being part of it, without meeting Harry, Hermione, and the Weasleys, the way he had, he knows he wouldn’t be man he was now.
  • Joining DA: When Harry put out the idea for Dumbledore’s Army, Neville was one of the first to join. Not just because he knew Harry and believed what he was saying about Voldemort returning, but because he wanted to make his parents proud. To do what they would have done. Under Harry’s leadership and without the nerves that came from being in classes, Neville began to excel at deuling and Defense Against the Dark Arts. It was that confidence that led him to follow Harry to the Department of Mysteries, where he fought alongside his friends and the Order to fight off the Death Eaters. After this fight people’s ideas of Neville began to change, and between that and his newfound self-assurance (along with a new wand), Neville’s magical abilities began to emerge beyond the greenhouses. After Harry had to leave Hogwarts in their seventh year and the school was taken over by Snape and the Deatheaters, Neville re-started DA and became the leader himself, backing rebellions among the students and eventually doing so well that he had to go into hiding in the Room of Requirement in order to keep the Carrows from stopping him.
  • The Second Wizarding War: Neville ended up a vital part of the Second Wizarding War, fighting alongside Harry and the others often and keeping up the resistance at Hogwarts when Death Eaters had taken over, both leading the rebellion and protecting those who needed it. When it all culminated at the final battle on the school grounds, Neville was deeply involved, working with Professor Sprout to use defensive plants to their advantage, burning down a bridge to prevent more Death Eaters getting to the school, fighting Fenrir Greyback with Ron, and finally, standing up to Voldemort when everyone thought Harry was dead. It was because of this act he was able to pull the sword of Gryffindor from the sorting hat and kill Nagini, the last horcrux and the only thing standing between Voldemort and Death. When it was all over, Neville had lost friends, but they had won and the world finally saw all that he was capable of.
  • Becoming an Auror: After the end of the Second War, Neville was offered a job as an Auror by Kinglsey Shakelbolt and, along with Harry, Ron, and some others, he took the job instead of repeating his seventh year. Neville was glad for the extra training that came with being an Auror and felt good to be able to help bring justice to people who had done awful things during the war, but did not last particularly long there. He found the environment just wasn’t where he wanted to be and, when he was offered a position studying under Professor Sprout at Hogwarts three years into the job, he resigned and moved back to the school instead.
  • Becoming a Hogwarts Professor: After his years as an Auror the calm of the greenhouses was a warm welcome for Neville, and he thrived working with Sprout. After training for a few more years, Neville was eventually offered the position of Herbology professor, and with it, Head of Gryffindor House (as McGonnegal was now headmistress). He was a well-liked but effective Professor and sometimes entertained students by bringing out his DA coin, which he almost always kept on him.

    Neville will be very interested in getting to know members of the Potter/Weasley families that he currently only knows as small babies and reconnecting with other people he knows in different circumstances. He'll also be very excited to start some greenhouses to help people and have the chance to explore flora from different worlds and environments.

    Neville will likely end up growing magical plants/herbs/etc. to help those working on potions and medicines. He may also take up tutoring for the magic kids?
    He can be put with anyone for roommates though he'd probably also be open to being a guardian on the kids' floor if one is needed?


    In game already.


    In game already.